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Why Full stack mobile development?

Well tailored mobile app will make users strive to use your services. That is why our development process focus is all around smartphones and your customers.

Thanks to being Full stack developers, we can create a backend that has everything the app needs! Perfect cooperation of mobile app with server is a key to success!

Create habits of your customers, notify them directly on phone, remind them of your services.

We want your app to be the best version of it, that is why we develop in the iterative way. Publish, Improve, Repeat. 


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Where to start?

Share your idea

Simply describe how your dream mobile app should look & what functionality it should include.

Consider our solution

In return, we will send you working prototype of your App. We will send you also a quotation.

Let's make an app

If you like and accept our approach, we will create your mobile app.

Further development

When your app is ready, we will share with you full source code. We can help you also publish your app in AppStore and Google Play.

Unusual Experience

Our experience is slightly different as we combine mobile and backend experience. We are Fullstack Mobile. Such attitude helps to make mobile app development top tier, as everything is made with the best practices for your mobile application.

Reasons why we get things done fast

Aside to programming, we use low-code solutions to optimize workflow without affecting app quality.

We are small, remote-working team with comprehensive skills.

In Stonks we grow library of pre-made apps that can be adapted to your needs quickly.

Our apps are based on Flutter. It means we will create your app both for Android and iOS at once.

Does it sound good?

Email us

We will get back to you within 24 hours. Our team is based in Poland



We're working fully remotely from Poland.


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